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Looking for Compost Equipment?

Global Repair has a complete line with 4 sizes of compost turners, compost screening and bagging equipment and compost spreaders. Click the links below to find out what compost equipment you need for your compost operation. Complimentary online compost training available. Learn More

Compost Turners
Standard nozzle watering system with a removable, folding tow-bar for a water wagon is available for model 507 compost turner, 509 compost turner, our new 512 compost turner and our ultimate performance 1014 compost turner. Other features include: side scrapers that keep the form of the windrow; a swing cylinder to position the tractor close to the windrow; and a folding fleece roller on top of the machine that makes turning the compost and covering the windrow a one-person, one-step operation. 4 turner sizes for 7ft, 9ft, 12ft & 14ft wide windrows. Technical support, including formula/recipe database calculations, complimentary compost batch tracking app, monitoring and consultations for making quality compost available. All machines come with one year warranty.

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Compost Turner 1014

The NEW Sittler 1014 windrow turner is designed for high volume organics recycling, landfill diversion and bioremediation. With a larger heavy-duty drum drive shaft, larger rotor, this rugged machine offers a capacity of up to 2700 cubic yards/hour, turning 45 cubic yards per minute. The hydraulically operated outside drive wheel has been fortified for adverse conditions and can be raised and lowered as required to eat through heavy loads.

With changes in weather patterns and intensified precipitation every compost operator wants to get that product moving in a soggy wet spring or fall. The Sittler 1014 is tough and durable and won't let you down when the going gets rough. With additional safety flaps to protect from projectiles you're ready to roll. All machines come with a one year warranty.

The Compost Turner Water injection system with galvanized elbows has 4 water spray nozzles for compost turner 1014 inside the compost processing area, allowing for adjustable moisture when applying water to the compost.The water  or inoculation is applied while the compost is turned.

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Compost Turner 512

The new Sittler 512 compost windrow turner has an enhanced drum design improving performance. The new larger drum, with shorter, wider, reversible blades, provides even more efficient clean up to the bottom of the windrow, further preventing anaerobic layers from accumulating. The 512 compost turner has a capacity of turning 1800 cu/yards per hour.

Improved compost turning enhances the movement of organic matter and increases aeration. With greater windrow turning capacity, the unit is able to tackle more densely packed areas. The enhanced compost turning motion creates a sharper peak with improved CO2/Oxygen flow.

Compost Turner Water injection system with galvanized elbows has 3 water spray nozzles for compost turner 512 inside the compost processing area, known as the tunnel, allowing for adjustable moisture when applying water to the compost.The water  or inoculation is applied while the compost is turned.

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Compost Turner 509

The Sittler 509 compost turner is reliable, efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and long-lasting with the capacity of turning 1200 cu yards per hour. Extra-hardened, replaceable steel blades are uniquely positioned on the drum to allow for complete blending right to the base of the windrow. Material from the outside is brought inward and from the bottom to the top forming a peak position, allowing the windrow to have a chimney effect for CO2/oxygen flow.

Compost Turner Water injection system with galvanized elbows has 2 water spray nozzles for compost turner 509 inside the compost processing area, allowing for adjustable moisture when applying water to the compost.The water is applied while the compost is turned and to inoculate compost.

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Compost Turner 507

The 507 compost turner is suitable for smaller to medium operations has the capacity of turning 600 cu yards per hour. Compost turner Compost Watering system and fleece roller allow for moisture control.

Special housing encloses the bearings and shaft to protect the mechanisms from dust and debris. Right hand shield is removable. PTO – right hand end is a shear bolt arrangement with shear bolt protection.Full ribbed tires maintain traction. Ideal for smaller dairy, broiler/layer industrial & municipal uses.

Compost Turner Water injection system with galvanized elbows has 2 water spray nozzles for compost turner 507 inside the compost processing area, allowing for adjustable moisture when applying water to the compost.The water  or inoculation is applied while the compost is turned.

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Compost Inoculating Water Wagons

Global Repair Compost water wagons offer an easy process to inoculate your compost with our compost inoculating water wagon. Use your finished compost to inoculate your new compost batch with beneficial microbial content. Compost tea and extracts can be made directly in our Inoculating Water Wagon tank. The compost is placed in a mesh bag and gently massaged after dunking it into the inoculating tank releasing nutrients and microbes. The aeration water extraction invigorates microbes stimulating growth activity and reproduction in the new compost windrow.

As the water is dispersed from the compost water wagon to the compost turner the microbes from the small tank are diluted from the larger tank and mixed when applied as the compost is turned. The inoculating tank is separate with detachable hose at the bottom of the tank allowing for easy cleaning.

The compost water wagons come with 2 options; 1) Compost water wagon with one flat bottom tank only holding 1550 US gallons, 5867.38 Liters or 2) Compost water wagon with easy to clean, two cone bottom tanks for both water and inoculating tank, holding 1600 US gallons, 6056.65. Liters

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Compost Screeners

Screens finished compost, soil mixes, peat or minerals for bagging and convenient distribution. Screens out unwanted clumps and inorganic material from compost such as plastic utensils, wine corks etc.

Although stationary it can be easily moved with a forklift. Continuous feed hopper provides maximum flow-through efficiency. The compost screen is capable of handling up to 50 cubic yards of compost per hour. Optional screen size of ¼ or ½ inch with other sizes available to suit your needs. Ideal for small to medium compost operations with an ideal price to match.

Full-length brush cleans screen of debris as it rotates. 3-sided storage bin directly under the compost screen allows for easy removal of screened product or chute option available. Mechanically driven motorized models are powered by a 7 hp Kohler gas or 3 hp electric engine. This easy to operate, low maintenance, user friendly, compost screener comes with 1 year warranty.

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Compost Baggers

Our durable efficient compost bagger can be easily positioned with a forklift for convenient operation.With a bagging capacity of up to 200 bags/hour, the Sittler Bagger provides a cost efficient production solution for bagging compost, bagging potting soil mixes, bagging minerals, bagging peat or bagging worm castings. The 2 hp motor requires a 220-power source. When using a 20-amp 4-pole generator, the ideal wattage for the Sittler compost bagger is 7200 watts for operating efficiency. The bagger hopper will hold up to 3 cubic yards. A sliding pan at the bottom of the bagger holding the securely clamped bags being filled has adjustable height to accommodate a wide variety of bag sizes for easy access to the bagging chute. Available bagging by weight or volume. Must be pre-calibrated for volume accuracy. Easy to operate. Stitching option are available. All bagging machines come with a one-year warranty

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Compost Spreaders

The Sittler compost spreader spreads compost, peat, worm castings, lime and other minerals. The Compost Spreader features a new improved powerful discharge mechanism that provides more consistent, even distribution of a wide variety of materials. The compost spreader's hydraulically driven vario-speed apron chain will discharge any material including wet and dry compost, as well as dense minerals; Keeps that compost moving; extra wide multi-speed discharge spinners; heavy-duty construction built for rugged terrain; and easy, one-person operation. New compost spreader features include faster discharge, up to 13 cu yards in 3.5 minutes,gearbox driven spinners, single axle with large flotation, heavy duty, rugged tires or dual axle available to suit your needs. The compost spreader hydraulically driven apron chain, 13 Cu yard holding capacity has a spreading width of 45- 50 ft. All compost spreaders come with one year warranty.

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Global Repair Compost Manager App

Compost Management App
Global Repair now offers an innovative complimentary compost management app. The compost batch tracking system makes it easy for you to keep accurate records of the compost process.

Online Compost Operator Training
Complimentary Advanced Biological Compost Management Course. The course offers comprehensive training with a focus on the microbiological aspects in relation to the physics and chemistry of composting.

Compost Ingredient/Feedstock Formulation
Having the correct information to create a compost recipe/formulation can determine the success of the compost process. Global Repair Compost app has  a unique composting database that can help you determine the ingredient combinations required for specific microbial potential presence. The database allows for formula adjustments and calculations based on current scientific composting data.

Procedure & Management
Establishing procedure and managing the process are proven ways to increase productivity and performance. Monitor batch tracking system to record temperature and other data from beginning to end of the compost cycle. Easy to use comprehensive reporting and data collection are vital for your records, production quality assurance and improvement. Record your observations for future reference.

Compost Tracking
Store and track all your compost data easily with online batch app tracking. Formulation, management, processes and testing are all stored in one easy location. Client confidentiality is maintained with exclusive access to your data.

Upload Test Results or Enter Microbial Assessment Values
Compost quality may be determined by the microbiology present and the amount of organic matter transformed into humus. The right biology present in your compost will deliver the nutrition needed to grow specific plants. The different types and amounts of organisms will dictate whether plants will or won’t respond positively. A rich, complex diversity of beneficial microorganisms can inhibit weed growth, pests and disease, as well as improve water retention. Providing the right microbiology in compost for optimum plant growth will result in increased health and yields, improved quality and value.

Microbiology presence can indicate carbon sequestering potential, water filtration/retention capacity, nutrient delivery potential and is the most accurate way to determine ultimate performance. This module is optional.

Standard test results for macro and micro nutrients, pH etc may also be uploaded as required.

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